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Cold Sore Treatment - What is the Best Way to Treat Cold Sores?

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Cold Sore treatment: getting rid of those nasty little suckers.

Is there an effective cold sore treatment that will get rid of your cold sores for good? There is no cure for cold sores since the herpes simplex virus remains inside your body. However there are a range of different non-prescription drug treatments and remedies you can try at home to help lessen your pain and discomfort.

It is important to remember that during any cold sore treatment program the infection is still contagious. This means that you need to exercise care to stop spreading the virus to other parts of your body or to other people, by kissing or oral sex. Always wash you hands well in warm, soapy water after applying a treatment.

Non-prescription medications like acyclovir are effective in treating herpes simplex. You should take this cold sore treatment by mouth as the cream is less effective and only shortens the outbreak by a day or two at the most. You should use acyclovir for 7-10 days. If the attack recurs take the drug as soon as you notice any tingling in the area. You should not take this drug while you are pregnant.

Cleanse the area twice daily using a mild soap and then apply Polysporin ointment to the area once or twice a day. This cold sore treatment will help to prevent bacterial infection of the skin. It is also recommended that an outbreak be treated by taking L-Lysine 500 mg. This is an amino acid. Take 3-4 tablets a day for the first 2 days and then 2 tablets a day until the blisters heal.

Products that contain docosanol may also help to inhibit the herpes simplex virus and make attacks shorter and milder. It is suggested that those suffering from an attack of cold sores apply Herpecin-L to the blister every half hour for the first few days. This is said to cut healing time by half. Ask your pharmacist for the best cold sore treatment for you.

Another cold sore treatment contains tetracaine, benzocaine, lidocaine, benzyl alcohol, camphor, and phenol. These help to numb the area and prevent tingling, pain, burning and itching. Products that contain zinc, lysine, phenol, and tannic acid are thought to have antiviral properties. These treatments might help to limit the formation of lesions.

Using a cold sore treatment that keeps the sores moist and soft can help to relieve discomfort. These products usually contain petrolatum and allantoin. They will help to stop cracking and bleeding. You should also apply sunscreen to the area as sun exposure can make the attack worse or trigger a recurrence.

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